Operation Condor audio-visual productions now live

condor av

Three new audio-visual productions on Operation Condor, a transnational campaign of state terror against political activists in exile in South America in the 1970s, are available in both English and Spanish at the new platform: plancondor.org   


You can access the productions at the hyperlinks below:

  1. Memory: this 9-minute video provides the necessary historical and political background to the establishment of Operation Condor by South America’s military dictatorships in 1975
  2. Justice: this 8-minute video recounts the struggle for justice by victims of Operation Condor and the historic trial that unfolded in the courts in Buenos Aires between 2013 and 2018
  3. Truth: this 9-minute video narrates the events surrounding the abduction of five Argentine and Uruguayan refugees who disappeared in Paraguay in 1977


They were created by Dr Francesca Lessa with Uruguayan award winning cartoonist, Sebastian Santana Camargo, pozodeagua production (Macarena Montanez and Pincho Casanova), and feature original music by Uruguayan musician, Diego Presa. 


The creation of the audio-visual productions, as well as the website, are supported by the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account of the University of Oxford. This project is carried out in collaboration with Uruguayan, Argentine, and Chilean project partners