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LAC ‘Graduate Network’

The Latin American Centre’s Graduate Network aims to strengthen the community of students working on Latin America in Oxford and to encourage genuine interdisciplinary dialogue and mutual support. Graduate students across all social sciences and humanities departments at the University of Oxford interested in research on Latin America are welcome to join the Network.

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Doctoral Studies at Oxford

The Oxford School of Global and Area Studies (OSGA) offers a DPhil in Area Studies for students that aim to explore a broad range of area-specific issues in Latin America (and other regions of the World). The School’s DPhil (the name given to the PhD degree at the University of Oxford) is a full-time three year programme of doctoral study, offering the opportunity to undertake a project dedicated to researching a specific country, a particular region, or else to examining more than one country or region in a comparative context, using social science approaches whilst also generating theories and propositions that are of value across regions. More information about the DPhil in Area Studies may be consulted here.

Moreover, students can study for doctorates with a Latin American theme or focus under the aegis of other discipline departments including History, Politics & International Relations, Economics, Sociology, Modern Languages (Literature), Development Studies and Anthropology.

Please see the Theses and Dissertations in Latin American Studies document for a list of past Oxford theses submitted on Latin American topics. The Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) is the home of Oxford digital theses.

Latin American Centre's Graduate Seminar

Every term the Graduate Network organizes a Seminar supported by the Latin American Centre, where students that research any topic related to the region have the chance to present papers or thesis chapters and receive constructive feedback from colleagues, professors, and guest academics.

The Seminar is a great opportunity for second year MPhils who are working on their thesis and for DPhils who are preparing for their transfer of status, confirmation or final viva. Not to mention that it is a very helpful occasion when preparing a paper for a conference or journal submission. It offers a challenging yet flexible space for discussion and reunion, where graduate students can meet peers from other departments with a common interest in Latin America. 

Seminar Programme MT20

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emilie curryova

Emilie is a third year DPhil student at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, University of Oxford. Her current DPhil thesis is entitled "Political Leadership and Democratization in Argentina: Raúl Alfonsín and Carlos Menem, 1983-1999". Emilie is very happy to be member of the network´s organizing committee since 2019 and hopes the network will expand beyond departments and the University.


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andres m guiot isaac

Andrés (he/him) is a third year DPhil student in Area Studies (Latin America) at the University of Oxford. Trained in economics and philosophy, Andrés is keen on promoting and engaging in interdisciplinary dialogues. His research interests include the history of economics, the politics of expertise and the theory and practice of democracy. In his DPhil thesis, he studies the emergence of an economic technocracy in Colombia during the post-war period (c. 1948-1974). In his spare time, Andrés enjoys playing football, reading and taking long walks.

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juan i neves sarriegui

Juan (he/his) is a DPhil candidate at the History Faculty working on the periodical press in the independence of the Rio de la Plata - in present-day Argentina and Uruguay - in the revolutionary era, between 1780 and 1830. His research interests include the history of empires and capitalism, and the history of the connections between the British Isles and Latin America in the long 19th century. In his free time Juan likes to hang out, read novels and go for a hike.

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joana perrone

Joana (she/they) is a DPhil candidate in Latin American Studies working on feminicide in contemporary Brazil under the supervision of Prof. Leigh Payne. Their research interests lie on gender studies, feminist existential phenomenology, state violence and the rise of the far-right. When not working on their thesis, Joana can be found reading, writing poetry and cross-stitching. They also organise the "Gender and Latin America" reading group which meets fortnightly during term time.

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guadalupe chavez

Guadalupe Chavez (she/her) is a DPhil student in the Department of Politics and International Relations. Her research examines how countries of origin manage the influx of returnees and why return migration policies vary across and within countries over time particularly in the Latin American and Caribbean context. More broadly, her research interests include global migration, US-Mexico migration policies, and qualitative methods. Guadalupe is also a member of the Oxford Migration Studies Society. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, hiking, and writing. 

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