Graduate Research Assistant

Latin American Centre, Church Walk, Oxford

****PLEASE NOTE - This vacancy is for internal applicants only and a revised job description has been attached here.

Fixed-time contract available from May 2023 or as soon as possible thereafter until 31 March 2025

Part-time contract, 20% of full - time equivalent

The Principal Investigator of the British Academy-Knowledge Frontiers Project “The Rise of the Right against Rights and Global (Dis)Order in Latin America and Beyond”, at The Oxford School of Global and Area Studies (OSGA), Professor Leigh A. Payne, is seeking an experienced, meticulous and highly motivated graduate student to work with her and the members of the project to provide 7.5 hours of research assistance per week.

The successful candidate will directly report to Professor Payne working on the key responsibilities assigned to the University of Oxford, including:

-Creating a global network of researchers and practitioners on the right against rights

-Establishing a communications medium for that network

-Creating and developing a website for the project and social media communication platforms, using those networks and platforms to diffuse information about the project

-Working on project publications and data gathering

-Supporting the PI in the preparation of grant proposals for additional funding

The Research Assistant will be paid a pro-rated annual salary of £35,308 (Grade 6pt5), their work arrangements and conditions will be subject to University’s employment contract. The working hours will be 7.5 hours per week and most of the tasks will be carried out remotely with the exception of in-person events attendance, if required.

Essential and desirable selection criteria include:

-Holding a first degree in a specialist discipline

-Ability to manage own research and administrative activities

-Excellent communication skills, including the ability to write content that can be published, present data at conferences, and represent the research group at meetings

-Experience of following and adapting methodologies

-Written and spoken fluency in the Spanish language

-Experience of working in a research team and contributing ideas for new research projects

-Familiarity with the concepts of the right against rights

-Experience working in Latin America and with teams of Latin Americanists


If interested, please refer to the job description for further information, and details on how to apply. Applications for the role are to be submitted online (Vacancy ID 164963).

If you have any further questions about the vacancy, or the UK Right to Work requirements applicable, please contact the HR team at


Vacancy Closing Date: noon (UK time) on Friday, 5th May. (New Deadline, extended from 27th April 2023).


Interviews will be held remotely and are planned for 15th May.