Book launch: 'Peru: Elite Power and Political Capture'

crabtree  peru

Convener: Diego Sanchez Ancochea

The book by Dr John Crabtree and Dr Francisco Durand examines the ways in which elites have managed to control decision making through management of key positions within the state, both past and present. This power has increased in recent decades because of the liberalisation of the economy, the effects of the commodity-super-cycle, and the relative weakness and fragmentation of opposition movements.

Dr John Crabtree is associate researcher at the Latin American Centre, University of Oxford, and senior member of Saint Antony's College.  He is also a visiting fellow at the Centre for Global Politics, Society and Economy at Oxford Brookes University, from which he holds a PhD. He has published widely on the politics of the Andean countries, especially Peru and Bolivia.

Dr Francisco Durand is lecturer in Peruvian politics at the Catholic University (PUCP) in Lima. He was previously lecturer in politics at the University of Texas, San Antonio.  He has worked for many years researching the interactions between business and politics in Peru and has also published widely on this topic.