Brazilian Studies Programme Annual Conference: Panel 3. "O estado é laico mas o governo é cristão”: religious groups in politics - between tolerance and intolerance

Online Conference taking place on Wednesdays from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm UK time

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190521 panel


By looking at the 2018 elections and the 2020 municipal elections, this panel discusses how religious narratives and conservatism reached a crescendo in Brazilian politics. We invite speakers to discuss cases where religion and faith were effectively used to create in-group cohesion, denying certain groups rights or credibility.


Amy Erica Smith (Iowa State)

Ana Carolina Evangelista (FGV/ISER)

David Simbsler (EHESS)

Ariel Goldstein (Conicet) 

Chair: David Lehmann (University of Cambridge)


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