Documentary: Mujeres al frente (Women to the front)

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Convener: Diego Sánchez Ancochea

Oxford-Colombia Special Series

Documentary: Mujeres al frente (Women to the front)

Lula Gómez will discuss her documentary Mujeres al frente (Women to the front), which will then be projected.  The documentary (in Spanish with English subtitles) is based on the testimony of seven Colombian women who reject a society that kills them.  Through their lives, the main characters create a new narrative and a new reality that is no longer defined by violence. Gómez skillfully presents these seven independent stories that highlight the importance of dialogue and consensus.

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Lula Gómez is a Spanish journalist and film director. She has collaborated actively with El Pais and is the author of Condenadas al Silencio, which explores the lives of women in El Chorrillo prison in Lima.  Ms Gómez is also the founder and director of Lula Ink.

This event is part of a new termly series which will explore the Colombian conflict and the prospects for post-conflict Colombian peace.

This event is funded by a generous contribution by Andrés Salgado in the context of the Malcolm Deas Fund.

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