Tertulia at the Latin American History Seminar: Historia conceptual en el Atlántico Ibérico

historia conceptual week
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Convener: Professor Eduardo Posada-Carbó

Speakers: Professor Javier Fernandez Sebastian, Universidad del País Vasco, in coversation with Professor Carole Leal, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela 

Please note that this event will be in Spanish


Javier Fernández-Sebastián is Professor of History of Political Thought at the University of the Basque Country (Bilbao). He has published extensively on modern intellectual and conceptual history, in particular focused on Spain and the Ibero-American world. He has recentely published the book Historia conceptual en el Atlántico ibérico. Lenguajes, tiempos, revoluciones (FCE), and co-edited the volumes Conceptual History in the European Space (Berghahn, 2018, with W. Steinmetz and M. Freeden), and In Search of European Liberalisms: Concepts, Languages, Ideologies (2019, with M. Freeden and J. Leonhard). He is currently preparing two edited volumes (Metafóricas espacio-temporales para la historia (Pre-Textos, 2021, with F. Oncina) and Tiempos del Derecho, tiempos de la Historia (Marcial Pons, with J. Tajadura), as well as the book Key Metaphors for History (Routlegde).