LAC History Seminar Series: Itinerant Ideas: Race, Indigeneity, and Cross-Border Intellectual Encounters in Latin America, 1900-1950

Convener: Eduardo Posada-Carbó, University of Oxford

Speaker: Jo Crow, University of Bristol


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Joanna Crow is Associate Professor in Latin American Studies at the University of Bristol. Previously, her work focused on debates about nationalism and nation building in Chile, with a particular interest in Mapuche cultural and political activism, and the complex, dynamic relationship between Mapuche people and the Chilean state. Her first monograph, Mapuche in Modern Chile: A Cultural History was published by University Press of Florida in 2013. In this seminar she’s going to be talking about her second monograph, Itinerant Ideas, which shifts the focus from race and nation to transnational race-making in Latin America. In between the two monographs, she has published numerous articles in journals such as A Contracorriente, Bulletin of Latin American Research, Journal of Latin American Studies, Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies.